It Gets Personal

As leaders, the first tool that you need to begin the journey of a lean based organizational transformation is a mirror. Look in the mirror and ask yourself is: “What does this mean for me?” Several years ago, Dr. John Toussaint published an article in the Frontiers of Health Services Management titled “A Management, Leadership, … More It Gets Personal


Transformation can be thought of as a dramatic change in form or appearance.   Sound about right?  So if we are talking about a dramatic change in form or appearance of an organization, where would we start?   Given that an organization is composed of a group of people focused on a particular purpose or set of purposes, then … More tran(t)sfərˈmāSH(ə)n

Just Stop & Think

I wasn’t a particularly wild child but I remember events back as early as kindergarten when the teacher “put me in a timeout” for behavior unbecoming of a 5 year old.  I my defense, those pigtails hanging from the head within arms length was begging to be tied into a knot. “Time outs” continued on … More Just Stop & Think