No Cheap Tickets

Since there are no cheap tickets to the mastery of lean leadership, I continue to find myself always the student.    I have to admit however; I don’t always make the best student.   Sometimes I have to work pretty hard at it…

I periodically catch myself shifting from “learner” to “knower” feeling very comfortable with my experience and wisdom in many things lean.  I then have to consciously force myself off the old paradigm and throw myself back into the humble mode of not knowing…ouch.

A few reflections back I mentioned getting back to my standard work.  My latest version has the following reminder at the bottom of the daily log: “practice leadership, be humble, listen, coach…”.   I’m going to add, “continue to learn” to the updated version this weekend.  Suspect that “patience” may not be too far behind…


7 thoughts on “No Cheap Tickets

  1. Great post Karl. What I appreciate about this is the conscious work you are doing to move from a knower to a learner. It is a very difficult process, especially in the role of consultant.

    One thing that keeps me in the learner mode is to remember that conditions always change. Solutions I “know” worked before may not be applicable today so I can never stop learning about the conditions right now. Even if I am helping improve the same process with the same team, there is usually something different about the conditions a few months later (or I didn’t fully understand the conditions before).

    Great blog!

    1. Brian, Thanks for the reflection. Excellent reminder that what worked yesterday, may not be applicable today! – Karl

  2. Karl,

    You have an interesting blog. I like the posts I’ve read so far. Thanks for sharing that you sometimes need to remind yourself to be a learner. It’s good to know I’m not the only one in that battle.

    Thanks again,

  3. I love the term “dirty hands learning.” You remind us of the danger when we aren’t actively learning, but rather sitting back and regurgitating what we think we “know.” As Humberto Maturana said, “All knowing is doing, all doing is knowing.”

  4. Great reminder Karl… My first Sensei taught me a very easy way to stay on the humble side of Lean. “Lean is not about being GOOD, it is about getting BETTER.”
    With that as your focus it is simple to stay humble…

    Keep learning…

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