Root Cause on a Dead Blog

I stopped posting to my blog several months ago.  My recent root cause analysis (RCA) on the dead blog revealed several contributing factors: expanding workload, extensive travel schedule, material development time, cramming in a little family/friend time, holidays, long days…did I mention the travel?

None of these however got to true root cause.  Needing more data, I kept digging. Eventually I pulled out my standard work tracking…there it was.  The moment I walked away from my standard work (last October), the blog stopped.  So now you all know that I’ve been “winging it” since last October.  Dang.

As a lean practitioner, you are now going to ask: why did I abandon my standard work?  Honest answer is that it wasn’t working; it wasn’t supporting standards based on my customer requirements; it didn’t support standard processes that resulted in consistently high quality results.  I was finding myself resorting to my comfortable zone of a workaholic with lots of heroics and really long days in order to “get the work done”.  Dang again.

My clients/customers tell me each and every day what they need and want.  These last few weeks I have been rebuilding my standard work.  As I develop and test new standards and processes, I find myself humbly putting to practice what I preach each day…



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