Lean Leadership at the North Pole

The following is compliments from an associate:

Defensive Santa: “It’s not MY fault so many elves have defected; it’s all because of the fancy outfits and airtime those irritating Keeblers got for their elves.”

Engaging Santa: “We have lost 2 elves to the Keeblers.  Why do you think they left?  How can I better support all of you?”
Silo’ed Santa: “I don’t care one bit that the Easter Bunny needs stuffed bunnies too!  We need them for Christmas so just use them up and let him deal with it!”

Santa as Systems Thinker: “Let’s go and talk to the Easter Bunny and his team to see how we can partner since we both use stuffed bunnies.”
Santa as Knower:  “How come you elves can’t keep up with the toy schedule?  Don’t you just push a button?  Can’t you just push it faster?!”

Santa as Learner:  “Elves, show me your process of making toys.”
Command & Control Santa:  “Make those kids behave!  I don’t care how you do it, just do it . . . NOW!”

Santa as Coach:  “Elves, why do you think we have so many orders for lumps of coal?  What ideas do you have to reduce the demand for coal?”

Thank you to Jeani Tsukamoto-Jow!