New Years Resolution: To Learn Again

From my innate perspective of continuous improvement, I struggled with the idea of discarding my current state as of Dec 31st, and creating a formal set of fresh new and wildly aggressive year resolutions effective Jan 1st!

My year-end reflections highlighted that I had a pretty darn good 2012.  And as expected there are many gaps/opportunities to address in 2013.   One of the biggest gaps was that I continue to let go of leadership practices that have proven successful for me in the past.

It’s that ever so gradual drift away from discipline of daily standard work or the skipped reflections on the day that are necessary to PDSA my way back on track.  These are the small yet critical and cumulative pieces of continuous improvement and standardization that are necessary to achieving the overall goals that have been set.

So I’m staring out this year, not with a new set of objectives and targets, but rather with the spirit of learning again in 2013 in the exploration of continuous improvement for my clients and myself.

[Thanks to Masaaki Imai, Gemba Kaizen for the inspiration.]


4 thoughts on “New Years Resolution: To Learn Again

  1. I appreciate the reminder for reflection and have used your role modeling to conduct our own as a team at work where we all by concensus agreed that some of our standard work, including regular leadership rounding, is critical to our ability to stay focused on improvement in processes and outcomes and re-committed ourselves; we also agreed it is very easy to get off track and ignore basics. Susie McDonald

    1. Susie, Thanks for the follow up and shared reflections. It does require constant diligence, doesn’t it? Love that you and your teams are striving to stay the course. – Karl

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