Target Condition

Last posting, I proposed a three primary contributions to the gap between where many leaders find themselves today and where they desire to be tomorrow…

1)    Individuals in leadership roles persist in lacking the awareness, focus and practice of the fundamental components of leadership

2)    That we actually don’t know of, or at least need to be reminded frequently of, the true fundamental components of leadership

3)    The role of leadership is incredibly demanding and takes many years of experience and failures to master

So how do we begin to shrink the gap between where we are as leaders today and what we aspire to be in the not too distant future?  Before I jump to the answer (which is part of the problem), I have to stop and ask “what is the target condition?”  The answers are likely to be as unique as the individual leaders.  In the spirit of transparency, I’ll share my biases here:

Target Condition for Leaders has the following attributes:

  • Continuously learning
  • Continuously teaching, coaching, mentoring
  • Clear vision of goals
  • Focused on improving the processes necessary to attain the results
  • Reflecting at the end of each day on opportunities to address tomorrow
  • Daily practice of all of the above…

So now if we were to spend a little time reflecting on where we are today in relation to the above, we’d have the “gap” or rather the opportunity that is in front of each of us.

Next posting explores the root causes a little deeper.  Without that, we could be cooking up solutions that are not focused appropriated on the gap.

I welcome your comments to help improve my thinking.