Karl Hoover & Associates, LLC is an executive consulting company with a central focus on continuous and robust process improvement supported by engaged and adaptive leaders. We are seasoned professionals bringing experience and expertise in teaching and coaching organizations the means by which they can transform their business processes to maximize the value brought to their customers and surrounding communities.

We propose a challenge to organizations to not focus on implementing new tools, but rather to develop consistent thinking and leadership behaviors across the organization.

Our objective is to provide you guidance on your lean exploration.  Any organization will struggle with operational and cultural barriers to change.  We partner with you to help guide you through these challenges by working with senior managers, middle management and front line staff to think, test and continuously improve processes in order to achieve targeted results and ultimately a competitive advantage.

We are driven by the same core principles and values of leadership that we bring to you.  We believe culture is defined by behaviors; that we must always focus on the processes first; that elegance is in the simplicity of the solution and that we must start from where the client is standing.

Our goal is to transfer our knowledge and skills as quickly as possible into your organization. Our role is to facilitate. Your role is to lead.

Our Approach

Reflection & Assessment – we partner with you to reflect and assess on where you have been, where you are now and your expectations of where and when you want to be in the future. The approach selected to move your organization forward is influenced by multiple factors:

  • Leader’s mental models and behaviors
  • Organizational vision
  • Readiness and urgency to change
  • Business demands, constraints and strategies
  • Customer requirements
  • Work force capability and capacity
  • Lean knowledge and experience
  • Desired scope and pace of implementation

Leadership Capability – we provide applied education targeting the disciplines of lean leadership both in real-time and/or in modular format.  This is necessary to facilitate the transformation from traditional management practices to those grounded in continuous improvement and respect for people.  We utilize a “train-the-trainer” approach in cascading knowledge and behaviors throughout the organization.

Transformation Infrastructure – we will facilitate the creation of a core consultancy and resource center of excellence in support of the lean management system.  This supports common problem solving methods, a consistency in improvement methods, shared learning’s, and key promotional activities.

Process Analysis – we coach and support you in performing assessment of critical business processes, systems and structures to understand both current state and potential state.  This provides a basis for identification and prioritization of strategic choices and initiates resource allocation and commitment.

Continuous Improvement – we coach you in the formation of a management system that fosters daily improvement at all levels of the organization.  This includes the learning and application of daily management systems, strategy deployment methods, leadership capabilities, and both financial and employee management system improvements.


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